Transfer Assignment to North East for Ripley, NY

At around 9:30 PM on 3/1, crews from Ripley, NY and other area agencies in New York were called to a train derailment. It was reported that about half of the cars in a 34-car train had gone off the rails, some of which were carrying hazardous materials such as ethanol and propane.

In the early morning hours of 3/2, crews from Crescent and Fuller Hose companies were called to assist Ripley, NY on a train derailment. Soon after, GTVFC was dispatched to stand by with an engine and tanker for a possible assist to Ripley, as well as to cover calls for NEFD. North East crews were returned to service after a few hours.

Cleanup of the derailment continues and the investigation is underway by the Norfolk & Southern Railroad.

Photos from scene courtesy of Fuller Hose Co #1

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