Greenfield Recognized by Erie County Council

3/8 – Greenfield Twp. Volunteer Fire Company was given a citation by members of Erie County council in recognition of the efforts put forth by it’s members. The citation was presented by Edward DiMattio, who represents Greenfield Township on council.

Citation Text:

WHEREAS, Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1948, where members continue to accomplish their mission of saving lives and property in Greenfield Township and surrounding communities, including Harborcreek Township, North East Township, and neighboring Findley Lake, New York, Sherman, New York, and Clymer, New York; and

WHEREAS, Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company has built a strong foundation for serving its community by updating their apparatus inventory to include Engine 704, Tanker 715, Squad 707, Engine 702, and their newest addition, Rescue 708, their first rescue pumper; and

WHEREAS, Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company has grown in the past few years from two members to 25 members, with no dropped calls in two years, offering mutual aid to ten different fire companies, with a yearly average of participation in 506 calls, 140 of those in township; an impressive model for other volunteer companies to aspire; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council honored Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company as “the Pennsylvania EMS Agency of the Year”, among 1,300 other departments; earning them national acknowledgement from Representative Glenn “G.T.” Thompson who spoke about their great work on the floor of the House; be forever archived in the Library of Congress.

NOW BE IT RESOLVED, by the undersigned Members of Erie County Council, who join a grateful community in recognizing the courageous work Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company who answers the dire call of those in their time of need.

IN WITNESS OF, we have set our hands and Seal of Erie County on this 8th day of March, 2016.

– Andre R. Horton, Chairman

– Jay Breneman, Vice Chairman

– Edward T. DiMattio, Jr.

– Kathy Fatica

– Dr. Kyle Foust

– Fiore Leone

– Carol Loll

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